In Search for the «Celestial Almonds»: The Heroines’ Nomadic Souls in the Plays by Zinaida Gippius

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The article discusses the  vectors and  the  relationships between the  physical and  metaphysical nomadism inherent to the  protagonists of plays such  as The  Sacred Blood and  The  Poppy Flowers. The transition from the  lunar to the  solar world, the  contacts between this side  and  the  other side, the transformation of historical and physical spaces, utopia and nostalgia as the main types of escape from the  present, and  suicide as  an  extreme  form of  caregiving are the  main actions committed by them in  their maximalist  spiritual striving, complicated  by the  problem of  the  irreversibility of time.

KeywordsZ. N. Gippius, The Sacred Blood, The Poppy Flowers, symbolism, nomadism, utopia, nostalgia
Publication date29.03.2019
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