Issue 4

  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Homo dominus. Marks of property in Northern Mesopotamia of the late prehistoric period. Part 2 Rauf Munchaev / Shakhmardan Amirov Pages 5-16
The Middle Urals in the Early Bronze Age: the Koptyaki culture Olga Korochkova Pages 17-35
Т-shaped catacombs of the Sarmatian period in the Northern Caucasus and Central Asia Vladimir Yu. Malashev / A. Torgoеv Pages 36-52
Pottery of the Tushemlya and Bantserovshchina fortified sites: on the issue of the Tushemlya-Bantserovshchina culture N. Lopatin Pages 53-65
Bronze bowls and their derivatives from early medieval sites of the Kama-Vyatka Interfluve N. Leshchinskaya / I. Pastushenko Pages 66-80
Wool carpets from Alan burials of the 8th–10th centuries: wool quality and production technology Alexander Pakhunov / Irina I. Elkina / Pavel Tarasov / Mayke Wagner / Umar Kochkarov / Ekaterina G. Devlet Pages 81-94
Excavations in the eastern part of the Moscow Kremlin in the framework of studying towns of North-East Rus of the 12th–13th centuries Nikolay A. Makarov / Asya V. Engovatova / Vladimir Yu. Koval / Roman N. Modin Pages 95-113
New burials of the Early Middle Ages from Western Ciscaucasia Evgeny V. Sukhanov / Aleksey N. Sviridov Pages 114-129
New data on the complex of sites near the village of Khotyazhi on the Moskva river (to the issue of the Slavic colonization of Moscow vicinity) Oleg Zaidov / Nikolay A. Krenke / Aleksandr Lazukin Pages 130-148
Osteological collection of the Khotyazhi I settlement Natalia Serdyuk / Nikolay A. Krenke / Nikita Zelenkov / Evgeniya Sychevskaya Pages 149-160
On the seals of Fyodor Oksentyev Elena Rybina Pages 161-166
Review of Books
Lisitsyn S.N. Ecological approach to the periodization of Epi-Paleolithic and Early Mesolithic in the Upper Volga region, 2017 // Stratum plus. 2017. № 1. C. 59–110 A. Sorokin Pages 167-174
Аrchaeological map of Chuvash Republic. Е.P. Mikhaylov, N.S. Berezina. Vol. 1–3. Cheboksary, 2013–2015. ISBN 978-5-7670-2295-3 A. Begovatkin / A. Kashkin Pages 174-178

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