Citation of the “Psychological Journal” in the Information Space of the World's Leading Scientific Editions

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Occupation: Associate Professor of the Organization of Continuing Education of the Faculty of Continuing Professional Education
Affiliation: Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University Ministry of Health of Russia
Address: Moscow, Ostrovityanova str., 1,
Occupation: Head of the Department of General Psychology and the History of Psychology
Affiliation: Moscow University for the Humanities
Address: Yunosti str., 5
Occupation: Professor, Scientific Adviser of Institute of Psychology RAS
Affiliation: Institute of Psychology RAS
Address: Yaroslavskaya str., 13, building 1
Journal namePsikhologicheskii zhurnal
EditionVolume 43 Issue 6

The article analyzes the key scientometric indicators associated with the citation of the leading domestic industry periodical — “Psychological Journal”: the impact factor of the publication, the average citation of articles in thematic areas, the Hirsch index and others. The sectoral structure of citation of the “Psychological Journal”, as well as the geography of citation of publications of the journal, is revealed. The publication productivity and citation of the thematic areas supported by the journal in the international information space of the world's leading scientific publications are considered. The conclusion is made about the most demanded (cited) scientific directions of the “Psychological Journal”; its interdisciplinary status is emphasized.

Keywords“Psychological Journal”, scientometrics, bibliometrics, citation, impact factor, scientific thematic areas
Publication date22.12.2022
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