Issue 6

  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Spatial oscillations of the pipeline with elastic-shifting support under the action of internal shock pressure R. Ganiev / М. Ilgamov / A. Khakimov / M. Shakiryanov Pages 3-12
Electrophysical parameters of plasma flows flowing from liquid rocket engines V. Kotelnikov / M. Kotelnikov / G. Philippov Pages 13-20
On the issue of protection of pipeline systems from the action of water hammer I. Saifullin / L. Ukrainsky Pages 21-26
Development of low-power gas turbine units for use in industrial enterprises V. Gusarov / Z. Godzhaev Pages 27-33
Elastic-plastic deformation of pressure vessel with radial branch pipe and determination of ultimate load V. Skopinsky / N. Berkov / N. Stolyarova Pages 34-43
Residual strength, microhardness and acoustic properties of cyclically deformed mild steel L. Botvina / M. Tyutin / T. Petersen / V. Levin / A. Soldatenkov / D. Prosvirnin Pages 44-53
Increasing the strength of technical titanium VT1-0 by severe plastic deformation V. Latysh / I. Burlakov / D. Zabelian / A. Alimov / P. Petrov / B. Stepanov / Bach Wu Chong Pages 54-60
Determination of operational survivability of steel cast parts of railway structures S. Lebedinsky / G. Moskvitin / M. Pugachev / A. Poliakov Pages 61-65
Surface and bulk nanostructuring of titanium alloys V. Stolyarov Pages 66-72
Application of wave action to obtain composite materials based on starch and polyvinyl alcohol S. Ganiev / V. Kasilov / N. Kochkina / O. Skobeleva Pages 73-80
Determination of the effect of laser hardening and beam defocusing on the geometric parameters of the quenching zones V. Biryukov Pages 81-88

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