Business Macroculture: Methods of Development

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Occupation: Head, management consultant
Affiliation: School for Management Consultants of The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
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Journal nameObshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost
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In the first article on this subject (see Prigozhin 2016) I outlined the methodology of transformation oа organizational culture in modern Russian business. In the second article, I contented on the process and tools of changes in I the business culture of the country: some of the prejudices that have developed around the topic; paradoxes of “The special path” of Russia; methods of diagnostics of business culture; major domestic and external factors and the ways of active modernization of the business culture of Russia. The article also develops the concept of natural sociology as visible facts. In addition, shows that culture in general and business in particular manifests itself in not only values and beliefs, as in practical activities.

Keywordsvalues, beliefs, behavioral norms, organizational culture, business culture, value activities, the ideology of “special path”, the natural sociology, social diagnostics
Publication date17.02.2017
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