Plato as theorist and practitioner of political consultation

Publication type Article
Status Published
Occupation: Senior Researcher
Affiliation: M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU Lomonosov)
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow, 119991, Moscow Lomonosov Prospect, 27, building 4
Journal nameObshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost
EditionIssue 2

In article for the first time in domestic and foreign science identified, systematized and studied judgments of the ingenious political thinker Plato on political consultation theory. The author examines questions of how to prepare a political consultant, strategy and tactics of consultation. In addition there is constructed a typology of political advices.

Keywordstraditional and modern policy consulting; philosophers, sophists and oracles; the nature, type and basis of council; advisers quality, the role of ideology in the work
Publication date10.04.2017
Number of characters419
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