A glimpse into the future and the past through the prism of social contradictions

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Occupation: Senior researcher
Affiliation: Institute of Sociology RAS
Address: 24/35 Krzhizhanovsky st., Moscow, 117218, Russian Federation
Journal nameObshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost
EditionIssue 3

The article is based on the results of the massive survey conducted by the Institute of sociology within the framework of annual monitoring. The author draws attention to the significant increase of the supporters of changes over the past year that creates a new public demand for change. However, the vector of these changes by different social groups see in their own way. The author analyzes the consciousness and values of such key groups as the middle class; the young, conservative majority, liberal minority, and within the last two groups distinguishes more and less radical factions. Through the prism of the features of mass consciousness of these groups is analyzed and the assessment of the historical past, recent and more distant. The article shows how modern social contradictions contribute to the formation of historical group identity, a different relationship to important historical milestones of the past.

Keywordssocial conflict; group identity; subjectivity; middle class; conservative majority; the liberal minority; stability; change; values; vision of the future; reform; revolution; Soviet period of history
Publication date10.06.2018
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