The transformation of modern migration models: from liberalism to limitations

Publication type Article
Status Published
Affiliation: Institute of Economics, RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Journal nameObshchestvo i ekonomika
EditionIssue 11

In the article migration is examined in two aspects: first, as a step-by-step process of population movement; second, as a set of socio-economic relations between the subjects of migration processes. Essential characteristics and definitions of conditions and motives for population movements are given, as well as those of migration patterns and migration paradigm. In the context of economic theory, an analysis of immigration models in Russia and the EU countries has been carried out. The content of global trends of population movement, both vertical, from the South to the North, and horizontal, from the East to the West, is explained. It is emphasized that the main vector of the population transfer is from poor to rich countries, so the transition from a liberal to a restrictive migration paradigm and selective immigration policy is justified.

Keywordsconditions and motives of migration, double labor market, migration model, liberal paradigm, migration law, social preferences, privileges and restrictions
Publication date14.12.2018
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