K.V. Nesselrode and Ch.-A. Pozzo di Borgo: a Diplomatic Tandem

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Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
Moscow Pedagogical State University
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Journal nameNovaia i noveishaia istoriia
EditionIssue 5

Based on the documents preserved in the Archive of the Foreign Policy of the Russian Empire, the private correspondence between Karl Nesselrode, the head of the Foreign Policy Department, and ambassador Carlo Pozzo di Borgo and the main milestones of their biographies are analyzed through the prism of their joint activities in the field of foreign policy. Their epistolary heritage is very extensive. A comparative analysis of the personalities of K. Nesselrode and C. Pozzo di Borgo reveals the peculiarities of their respective characters and show both the political and human qualities of these two bright and outstanding diplomats from a new angle. Nesselrode's attitude towards Pozzo di Borgo allows one to take a completely different look at the personality of the former, who was not at all “selflessly ready to fade away”, timid, and weak-willed. The most important quality that they had in common was moderation in everything, based on pragmatism and rationalism. It was practicality, elevated to a principle, that forced both men to consistently defend the “system of moderation”, rejecting extremes of any kind, adhering to a moderate foreign policy course. Both of them strived to preserve peace and stability in Europe. In the service of the Russian Empire, they formed a fruitful diplomatic tandem.

Keywordsforeign policy, Russian Empire, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, K. V. Nesselrode, C. A. Pozzo di Borgo, diplomats-foreigners
AcknowledgmentThe article was written as part of the RРANEPA state assignment research program.
Publication date11.10.2021
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