Issue 5

  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Mathematical Model of the Biological Environment, Taking into Account the Active Interactions and Mutual Movements of its Constituent Cells S. Logvenkov Pages 3-16
The Flow of an Ideal Gas from a Cylindrical or Spherical Source into the Void Kh. Valiyev / A. Kraiko Pages 17-28
Resistance of a Plate Gliding on Shallow Water to Form Waves E. Filatov / А. Yakimov Pages 29-37
Internal Waves Excited by a Moving Source in a Variable Buoyancy Environment V. Bulatov / Yu. Vladimirov Pages 38-44
Determination in the Quasi-One-Dimensional Approximation of Parameters of a Radial Turbine Operating on Freon A. Bunyakin / A. Nesterenko Pages 45-51
Basic Deformations in the Problem of Perturbations of the Nucleus of a Thin Isochronous Vortex Ring R. Akinshin / V. Kopiev / S. Chernyshev / M. Yudin Pages 52-63
To the Evaluation of the Geometric Parameters of Hydraulic Fracturing Crack V. Baikov / G. Bulgakova / A. Ilyasov / D. Kashapov Pages 64-75
Features of Two-Phase Flows in Three-Dimensional Digital Models of the Porous Space of Natural Sandstones A. Galeev / T. Zakirov / M. Khramchenkov Pages 76-91
The Effect of a Magnetizable Surfactant on the Movement of a Liquid Film Along a Horizontal Surface A. Zhukov Pages 92-102
Thermodynamic Conditions for the Formation of CO2 Hydrate upon Injection of Carbon Dioxide into the Formation Containing Methane Hydrate G. Tsypkin Pages 103-112
The Effect of Mach Waves on the Laminar-Turbulent Transition in a Supersonic Flow around a Flat Plate K. Din' / I. Egorov / A. Fedorov Pages 113-124
Experimental and Numerical Study of Heat Transfer of High-Enthalpy Underexpanded Air Jets with Cylindrical Models A. Gordeev / A. Kolesnikov / V. Sakharov Pages 125-133
The Effect of Cylinder Permeability on the Structure of its Flow in Deep Water B. Gozmen Shanli / H. Akilli Pages 134-145

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