Issue 6

  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Dynamic analysis of perturbed Chandler oscillations of the Earth Pole L. Akulenko / V. Perepelkin Pages 4-12
On the solution of the dynamic problem of the linear theory of elasticity L. Fedorov Pages 13-20
The control problem for stepwise changing linear systems of loaded differential equations with unseparated multipoint intermediate conditions V. Barsegyan Pages 21-29
Nonlinear model of deformation of crystalline media, allowing martensitic transformations: solving static equations E. Aero / A. Bulygin / Yu. Pavlov Pages 30-40
Quaternion regularization of the equations of the perturbed spatial bounded three-body problem II Yu. Chelnokov Pages 41-63
Model of mass transfer processes in a mixture of continua, consisting of one deformable and two liquid components L. Komar / A. Svistkov Pages 64-77
Short-term force crack propagation A. Zhornik / V. Kirichek Pages 78-91
The effect of the porosity of the component reinforced with nanostructured inclusions on its thermoelastic characteristics V. Zarubin / E. Sergeeva Pages 92-102
High temperature creep and durability of metallic materials R. Arutyunyan Pages 103-109
Tidal deformations of a viscoelastic planet P. Tikhomirova / A. Shatina / E. Sherstnev Pages 110-117
Asymptotic analysis of the plane deformed state generated by a finite longitudinal shear crack B. Zhukov Pages 118-128
On the construction of a model of elastic media, the normal components of the stress vector of which are limited A. Glushko / I. Nescheretov Pages 129-144

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