Issue 5

  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The study of physico-mechanical characteristics of nanoscale films by nanoindentation A. Grashenko / S. Kukushkin / A. Osipov / A. Redkov Pages 5-14
On the stability of the control of a free-running inertial system of the pendulum type V. Zhuravlev Pages 15-18
Core design of isotropic elastic suspension of inert mass Yu. Zhbanov / E. Privalov Pages 19-28
On the type of bending edge wave on a circular plate D. Ukrainsky Pages 29-39
Own transverse oscillations of a rotating rod of variable cross section L. Akulenko / A. Gavrikov / S. Nesterov Pages 40-52
Problems in stresses of diffusion-vortex type in an unbounded rigid-viscoplastic space D. Georgievsky Pages 53-60
On the instability of motion of the Maxwell pendulum G. Rosenblat Pages 61-69
Pulsed optimal reorientation of the orbit of a spacecraft by means of jet thrust, orthogonal to the osculating orbit plane. Ya. Sapunkov / Yu. Chelnokov Pages 70-89
Solution of the generalized oscillation equation of rods by the recurrent-operator method E. Rozhkova Pages 90-105
Nonlinear vibrations of a viscoelastic anisotropic reinforced plate B. Eshmatov Pages 106-111
To the problem of the accuracy of the movement of a pendulum clock on a vibrating base Anatoly Markeev Pages 112-123
Resonant and bifurcation oscillations of the rod, taking into account the resistance forces and relaxation properties of the medium A. Eremin / V. Zhukov / V. Kudinov / I. Kudinov Pages 124-132
Statistical model of the mechanism of fatigue fracture of materials D. Babich / T. Dorodnykh Pages 133-144

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