Issue 4

  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
To the 80 anniversary since the Birthday of Vladimir Vasiliev Editorial staff of the journal Izvestiya RAN. Mekhanika tverdogo tela Pages 3-5
Theoretical prerequisites for substantiation of the possibility of using the Kovalev gyroscope as a three-component angular velocity meter V. Zhuravlev / P. Plotnikov Pages 6-15
Elimination of non-stationary oscillations of an elastic system at the time of stopping after a final turn according to a given law by adjusting the natural frequencies T. Grishanina / F. Shklyarchuk / S. Russkikh Pages 16-28
The order of smallness of the Poynting effect from the standpoint of the apparatus of tensor nonlinear functions D. Georgievsky Pages 29-33
The dimensionless criterion of power perfection of structures V. Komarov Pages 34-47
Singular solutions in problems of mechanics and mathematical physics V. Vasilyev Pages 48-65
Beam finite element model for layer-by-layer analysis of the stress-strain state of three-layer shells with irregular structure V. Bakulin Pages 66-73
The problem of optimal design of composite housings for rocket engines of solid fuel A. Razin Pages 74-84
The problem of designing aerospace mesh composite structures Azarov A. Pages 85-93
Finite element modeling of the spacecraft composite composite compartment Lopatin A. / A. Khakhlenkova Pages 94-99
Greene tensor and solution of the Boussinesq problem in the generalized theory of elasticity S. Lurie / D. Volkov-Bogorodsky Pages 100-114
The effective coefficients of elasticity of inhomogeneous body V. Gorbachev Pages 115-126
On a nonlinear model of the retina V. Eremeev Pages 127-133
Computational model for the analysis of strength and stability of mesh anisogride structures with intensive thermal power effects Kaledin V. / Ulyanov A. / Vl. Kaledin Pages 134-144

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