Issue 12

  • Volume: 62
  • Issue number: 12

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The African Segment of Multipolar World: Dynamics of Geostrategic Significancy
The African Segment of Multipolar World: Dynamics of Geostrategic Significancy Irina O. Abramova / Leonid L. Fituni Pages 5-14
Sovereign Wealth Funds: Post-Crisis Trends Sergey Chebanov Pages 15-25
Economy, Economic Theory
Internationalization of Ruble: Myths and Economic Policy Oleg Buklemishev / Yury Danilov Pages 26-34
Digital Economy and a New Paradigm of the Labor Market Elena Sadovaya Pages 35-45
Energy Infrastructure Transformation as Part of Clean Energy Transition in the EU Andrei V. Zimakov Pages 46-54
Security Problems in Contemporary World
After “The Caliphate”: What Is the Future Of Isis? Andrei Yashlavskii Pages 55-64
USA: Politics and Society
Paris Climate Conference and Priorities of Donald Trump’s Energy Policy Alexey A. Shlihter Pages 65-74
Europe: New Realities
“Poltava Syndrome” of Sweden: Burdensome Politico-Historical Legacy Konstantin V. Voronov Pages 75-82
Foreign Policy of the President of France E. Macron: Pragmatism behind The Mask of Atlantism? Kira Zueva / Pavel Timofeev Pages 83-91
Countries and Regions
Canada and the Ukrainian Crisis Dmitry Volodin Pages 92-99
Academic Event
Reformating the System of International Relations in Pacific Asia: Vectors and Dynamics of Changes (Part I) Andrey Ryabov Pages 100-108
Around Books
Traditions and Innovations: Half a Hundred Views on Identity Anna Romanova Pages 109-113
Transforming a U.S. Policy on Asia Nikita D. Kuznetsov Pages 114-119
Frank Reflections on the European Processes in the Changing World Order Alexey Kuznetsov Pages 120-125
Kazachstan: Tauelsiz Memleket Means an Independent State Valentina Vedeneeva Pages 126-131

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