Issue 10

  • Volume: 62
  • Issue number: 10

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
China: Domestic and Foreign Policies
China’s Investment Relations with African Countries Sergei Ignat’ev / Sergei A. Lukonin Pages 5-12
China’s Internal Policy of Attracting Highly Qualified Specialist from Abroad Liudmila Veselova / Liubov Lebedintseva Pages 13-21
Security Problems in Contemporary World
How to Preserve the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles Vladimir Z. Dvorkin Pages 22-25
Europe: New Realities
European Union in the Dynamics of the Political Space Viktor Sheynis Pages 26-36
Public Enterprises and the Privatization in the Innovative Policy of France Marina V. Klinova Pages 37-45
“New” EU Member States’ National Security Priorities Ekaterina Shumitskaya / Polina Sokolova Pages 46-54
Anti-Russian sanctions as a test for Common Foreign Policy of the European Union Fedor A. Basov Pages 55-63
Economy, Economic Theory
Criptocurrency and Money – The Way of Interaction Mikhail Portnoy Pages 64-70
Australia as an Example of Successful Integration in International Economy Zaur Mamedyarov / Alexander P. Polivach Pages 71-79
Venezuela in the World Oil Market Stanislav V. Zhukov / Oksana B. Reznikova Pages 80-90
“The Common Spaces”
Azov and Black Sea Region: New Political and Legal Realities Pavel Gudev Pages 91-102
East Asia: Prospects of Development
Postauthoritarian Transformation in the Republic Of Korea: Background, Mechanisms, Consequences Alexandr N. Fedorovsky / Kristina Voda Pages 103-113
Problems of Scientific Knowledge Theory
Central Asia: Heuristics and Models Alla B. Karimova Pages 114-123
Academic Event
Russian-African relations in the context of the Africa’ “turn to the East” Tatiana L. Deich / Yuriy Vertashov Pages 124-133
Around Books
European Security: Towards a New Bipolarity? Tatiana Yurieva Pages 134-138

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