Issue 11

  • Volume: 62
  • Issue number: 11

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Europe: New Realities
Britain: Changing Economic Landscape Efim S. Khesin Pages 5-14
European social democracy in search of responses to challenges of the 21st century Nikolai Rabotyazhev Pages 15-25
New Accents in Defence Strategy and Security Policy of Germany Aleksandr Kokeev Pages 26-34
Independence of Catalonia: Why it is Impossible Ekaterina G. Cherkasova Pages 35-42
Catalonia, the Basque Country and Galicia: Separatist Tendencies in the Beginning of the 21st Century Georgy Filatov Pages 43-53
Modern Spain: Problems and Solutions Irina Prokhorenko / Alexey Kuznetsov Pages 54-64
The World at the Beginning of Millennium
History on the Frontline of Identity Politics Irina S. Semenenko Pages 65-76
USA: Politics and Society
Creating Jobs under Trump’s Policy: Priorities, Realities and Risks Liudmila F. Lebedeva Pages 77-86
“The Common Spaces”
Azov and Black Sea Region: New Political and Legal Realities (Part II) Pavel Gudev Pages 87-98
Russia: Economics, Politics
Economically Vulnerable Youth in OECD and Russia Nina T. Vishnevskaya / Anna Zudina Pages 99-107
Problems of Scientific Knowledge Theory
Diasporas in the Changing Global Architectonics Boris Rashkovskii / Evgenii B. Rashkovskii Pages 108-115
Countries and Regions
Iran: the Positive Experience of S&T Development Vadim Malakhov / Daria Aushkap / Maxim Yurevich Pages 116-124
Around Books
BRICS in the Modern System of Global Governance Elena Bragina Pages 125-131
Italy at the Threshold of the EU: Get Out or Stay? Agnessa Avilova Pages 132-138

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