The national and international in contemporary mexican architecture

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The article analyzes national and international features in the architecture of modern Mexico. In accordance with the stated task, it presents the main stages of development of Mexican architecture, taking into account the influence of both global trends and Spanish architectural styles. The work notes the special influence of the Baroque (Mexican ultra-Baroque), which was manifested primarily in the cult construction. The article emphasizes that Mexican architecture at all stages of development formed its own national features. In the early colonial period, this was manifested in the appeal to the local version of aboriginal art-tequitqui art, primarily in the design and decoration. The author reveals the origins and features of various ethnically colored elements associated with pre-colonial cultures (the shape of the pyramid in different angles, "Mexican color" in a colorful palette of external and internal design, landscape accounting, etc.). The article presents examples of the work of some of the most famous Mexican architects of the last decades, the artistic principles of their work. The paper also provides examples of spontaneous "folk" use of images and forms of pre-Columbian cultures in the typical architecture of modern Mexico. The author believes that the modern stage in the development of Mexican architecture will get its recognizable, international, national-colored name, just as it happened with the so-called "new Russian style".

Keywordsarchitecture of modern Mexico, national and international, influence of forms and images of ancient cultures
Publication date30.10.2020
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