The Atomic Age of Argentina. The 45th Anniversary of the Atucha Nuclear Power Plant

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In March 1974 in Argentina was put into operation Atucha nuclear power plant, the first one not only in Latin America but also throughout the southern hemisphere. Since then, Argentina has come a long way of development of the power of the atom, built a few nuclear power plants, research reactors, nuclear fuel cycle facilities, carries out fundamental and applied research in the nuclear field, prepares highly qualified personnel. In various countries of the world Argentina exports competitive nuclear technology and equipment, including modern low-power reactors, develops active international cooperation, including with the Russian Federation. An example of this is the signing of the December 1, 2018 in Buenos Aires “a strategic document on Argentine-Russian partnership in the field of peaceful uses of atomic energy”.

KeywordsArgentina, nuclear programs, nuclear energy, Tlatelolco Treaty
Publication date13.03.2019
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