Velikhan Mirzekhanov

Professor of History

Deputy Director, Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of World History, Russian Academy of Sciences


intellectual history, global history, colonial and postcolonial studies

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The Treaty of Versailles and Turkey: the Thorny Path to the Nation-State (ISTORIYA) -
The Polish Question through the Eyes of Professor Sergey Konovalov (ISTORIYA) -
The Evolution of German Strategy towards the Syrian Direction: Political-Military Aspects (Vostok. Afro-Aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost) -
1815 in History: the European System and European Identity between Crises and Equilibrium in the Era of Modernity (ISTORIYA) -
The Malian Question in the Context of German Strategy in Africa: Political-Military Aspects (ISTORIYA) -
Pan-Islamism and Conservative Modernization in the Late Ottoman Empire (ISTORIYA) -
The Role of Pedagogy and School Textbooks in Shaping the Idea of Superiority in French Colonial Culture (ISTORIYA) -
The History of the 20th Century: A Variety of Historiographical Approaches to Understanding the Phenomeno (Novaia i noveishaia istoriia) -
Intersection and Mutual influence of Regional and National History: Studies in Methodology (ISTORIYA) -
The Role of Cinema in the Formation of Colonial Myth and Colonial Culture in 20th-Сentury France (ISTORIYA) -
The Batum Subsystem as a Space of the Ottoman Hegemony in Transcaucasia in 1918 (Novaia i noveishaia istoriia) -
The Batum Subsystem as a Space of the Ottoman Hegemony in Transcaucasia in 1918: Addressing the Issue (ISTORIYA) -
Imperial Myth as a National Idea: Explicit and Hidden Meanings of the 1931 International Colonial Exhibition in Paris (ISTORIYA) -
The Path of Historian’s Life: to the 90th Anniversary of Academician Alexander Chubaryan (ISTORIYA) -
The Dynamics and Perspectives of Relations Between Germany and Egypt During 2010s: Political and Military Aspects (ISTORIYA) -
The Batum Subsystem of International Relations: Problems of Formation and Inter-Imperial Competition, June-August 1918 (Novaia i noveishaia istoriia) -
The Ideology of Colonization: Metamorphoses of the Colonial Question in the Political Philosophy of Alexis de Tocqueville (ISTORIYA) -
The Baku Crisis in the History of the Batum Subsystem: the Culmination of the Failed Imperial Projects, August–September 1918 (Novaia i noveishaia istoriia) -
Civilisation and the Excluded: Ideas and Practices of Differentiation in the Colonies during the Interbellum (ISTORIYA) -
The Dismantling of the Batum Subsystem of International Relations and Its Historical Consequences, September–November 1918 (Novaia i noveishaia istoriia) -
The Phenomenon of Colonialism in World History: Themes and Trends in Recent Historiography (ISTORIYA) -
Ideological Trends in European Colonisation in the 1920s – 1930s (ISTORIYA) -