Victor Jeifets

Professor of History. Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Saint Petersburg State University


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Between Havana and Moscow: The Cuban Revolution and the Split in the Latin American Lefts on the Question of Guerrilla Warfare (Novaia i noveishaia istoriia) -
An interesting book with many mistakes (Latin America) -
Union of South American Nations: Clouded Prospects (Mirovaia ekonomika i mezhdunarodnye otnosheniia) -
The Comintern and the birth of the Soviet Latin American studies (Latin America) -
The Popular Front in Theory and Practice of the contemporary Latin American Left-Wing Movement (Latin America) -
Right-Wing Turn in Latin America: History and Contemporaneity (ISTORIYA) -
The Internationalist Tradition in Ideology and Practice of Cuban Revolution (Latin America) -
IMF presence in Latin America in the XXI century: looking for a new paradigm of relations (Latin America) -
Message to authors and readers (Latin America) -
The place of Latin America in a multipolar world: views and approaches of Russian researchers (Latin America) -
Nikolai S. Leonov: “We lack state policy in the area of Latin American studies” (Latin America) -
Long Road to Hegemony of Center-Left in the Dominican Republic (ISTORIYA) -
Message to readers (Latin America) -
The Comintern after the end of the Comintern. Some episodes of search of new forms of unity by Latin American Communists (Latin America) -
The Diplomacy in a Revolutionary Labyrinth: the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs of the USSR, the Comintern and the Mexican Left-Wing Movement in 1920s (ISTORIYA) -
From Okhotny ryad to East River: life and destiny of the revolutionary Jose Antonio Mayobre (Latin America) -
Was there an “August Mistake”? How to assess the role of the Communist Party of Cuba and the Comintern in the anti-Machado revolution of 1933 (Latin America) -
Cardenas, Lombardo Toledano and the PCM: the Comintern and Conflicts in Mexico in 1930s (ISTORIYA) -
The Cuban Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War: the Roll Call of Two Revolutions (ISTORIYA) -