The Man and His Cow: the Problem of Settlement of Fulbe-Mbororo People in the Central African Republic

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Status Published
Affiliation: The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Central African Republic
Address: Central African Republic, Bangui
Journal nameISTORIYA

The article is devoted to the problem of the settlement of the Fulbe-Mbororo people on the territory of the modern Central African Republic. For the first time in Russian historiography, an attempt is made to reconstruct the ethnic history of the Fulbe-Mbororo living in the territory of the Central African Republic in the colonial era. Particular attention is paid to the relationship of the Fulbe with the colonial administration. The article analyzes the relationship between the settlement of the fulbe in the territory of the modern Central African Republic and the spread of the zebu population in the country. The French colonial administration considered the development of animal husbandry as a potential for the economic development of the country. The author proves that with proper administrative regulation in the colonial era, it was possible to avoid conflict between Fulani nomads and settled farmers.

KeywordsCentral African Republic, Oubangi-Chari, fulbe-mbororo, zebu, french colonialism
Publication date30.05.2022
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