Review of the book: Legal Regulation Efficiency / under the general ed. of A.V. Polyakov, V.V. Denisenko, M.A. Belyaev. M.: PROSPEKT, 2017. 240 p.

Publication type Review
Source material for review Эффективность правового регулирования / под общ. ред. А.В. Полякова, В.В. Денисенко, М.А. Беляева. М.: Проспект, 2017. 2
Status Published
Affiliation: Lomonosov Moscow state University
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Journal nameGosudarstvo i pravo
EditionIssue 9

The monograph is devoted to the category efficiency of legal regulation. Traditional and new approaches to understanding this problem are considered. Boundaries of legal regulation are defined.

Keywordsstate and law; legal science; theory of law; philosophy of law; legal regulation; efficiency of legal regulation
Publication date31.10.2018
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