Legal regulation circulation of digital rights in United States of America

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Technological progress in United States of America, the popularization of Internet makes necessary legislative regulation of the rules for circulation of digital rights and protection of digital information. The purpose of the study is: to form a conceptual understanding basics of legal regulation circulation digital rights and protection of digital information in United States. The study used general scientific and specific scientific methods, such as analysis, comparison, structural, systemic and functional approaches, etc. The basis of scientific study were methods of analysis, analytical and functional approaches, which, in turn, made it possible to identify most pressing nuances of legal regulation of protection and circulation digital rights. The study of legislation and judicial practice in the United States allowed us to formulate a conclusion that the level of legal regulation of the protection of the rights of digital data subjects corresponds to global trends in the development of law in general and public interests in particular. Moreover, regulatory legal acts adopted in the United States can be used in foreign countries to regulate the rules of turnover and protection of the rights of digital data subjects.

KeywordsInternet, data, digital data, intermediary, operator, Internet administrator, subject, turnover, practice, litigation
Publication date28.04.2023
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