Legal techniques and legal technology: the complex nature of the interaction

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The article examines the nature of the interaction of legal technology and legal technology, analyzes international experience on the regulation of the practical application of this toolkit. Legal technology is a special branch of scientific knowledge, with the help of which transformations in law are carried out and it is possible to plan processes for achieving legal prospects in order to implement the most effective and systematic legal practice. The authors theoretically substantiate the process-instrumental nature of legal activity and show that at each stage, stage, certain legal and technical resources are consistently applied. It is possible to deliberately influence legal validity if one chooses not only the type of legal activity, specific procedural and procedural actions, but also correctly selected resources of legal technology. The need for technological support is especially acute when it is necessary to influence complex legal entities in order to optimize management decisions and reduce legal risks from technical and legal and legal technological errors. The authors conclude that one of the significant reasons for the vulnerability of legal activity is the unresolved issue of normative regulation of the requirements of legal technology and the lack of synchronization between legal technology and technology. In this regard, the phenomena associated with the growth of defects in law, a decrease in the technical and legal quality of legislation and the growth of legal anomalies are exacerbated. A significant strategic task is the active interaction of legal policy and legal technology, which will provide the prerequisites for moving to a new level of legal development design. In this aspect, legal technology allows you to implement strategic tasks, create the necessary legal reality. Promising authors see the use of modern information technologies in the legal sphere, which will positively affect the growth of the quality of the legal life of society, the protection of rights and freedoms, ensuring a stable law and order and national security of Russia.

Keywordslegal techniques, legal technology, legal policy, national security, technologies of advanced development
Publication date25.07.2022
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