The moral state: reality and prospects

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Occupation: Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations
Affiliation: Didorenko Lugansk Academy of Internal Affairs
Address: Russian Federation
Occupation: Rector
Affiliation: Didorenko Lugansk Academy of Internal Affairs
Address: Russian Federation
Journal nameGosudarstvo i pravo
EditionIssue 4

The article attempts to consider and solve the problem of the moral state, the possibility of its construction or at least its main elements in modern states, including transitional ones. The purpose of this study is to clarify the possibility of building a moral state in general and especially in unstable states with a high degree of social differentiation and moral and cultural degradation of a significant part of the population and its elites directly. The authors wonder whether, firstly, as before, the goal of building a moral, legal, social state is not noble, but at the same time unrealizable at all times, the “pink” dream of mankind, or even worse, another political and legal simulacrum? Against this complex background, the analysis is carried out and the prerequisites for building a moral state directly in Russia at the present time are considered. The author's vision of the formulation of this problem and ways to solve it is proposed. As a result, the authors of the article came to the conclusion that the task of reformatting the world on the basis of high spirituality and morality is relevant, including in terms of building a moral state, but its solution will be difficult and practically impossible in modern conditions, especially in unstable societies, in transition states.

Keywordsmoral state, spirituality, morality, patriotism, due, being, ideal, myth, national, imperial, simulacrum
Publication date11.05.2022
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