The Soviet penitentiary (camp) justice (1930–1950s)

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Occupation: Associate Professor of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law, Surgut State University
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Journal nameGosudarstvo i pravo
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The article is devoted to a little-studied topic. In this article highlights the reasons for the formation and stages of the activities of these justice bodies, and also identifies the sources of personnel renewal. The author draws a conclusion about the asymmetric nature of this system. Among the characteristic features of the activities of the penitentiary justice bodies, the author names: the lack of a legally fixed status in the published legislation and the organization of their activities on the basis of the principles of campaign justice. The stability of the competence of the bodies of penitentiary (camp) justice has been established. The number of those convicted by these bodies of justice is determined. The main categories of crimes considered by penitentiary courts are identified.

KeywordsSoviet justice, Soviet court, special courts, camp courts, penitentiary justice
Publication date29.11.2022
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