Recusal of a judge as a guarantee of his independence in the administration of fair justice

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Occupation: Head of the Department of criminal procedure and criminalistics, Southwest state University
Affiliation: Southwest state University
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Journal nameGosudarstvo i pravo
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The issues of improving the application procedure and consideration of the challenge to the judge, which ensures the independence and impartiality of the judge when considering a criminal case on the merits, are considered. The author emphasizes the importance of the existence of such an institution not only from the point of view of legal requirements, but also moral ones. The article draws attention to the legal novelties introduced in the criminal procedure law in recent years, which exclude the manifestation of interest and subjectivity in the judge, and increase confidence in the judge as the bearer of judicial power.

Keywordsjustice, criminal proceedings, justice, independence, impartiality of the judge, challenges, preliminary hearing
AcknowledgmentThe publication was prepared as part of the state task for 2020 on the topic "Transformation of private and public law in the context of evolving individuals, society and the state" (No. 0851-2020-0033).
Publication date28.06.2021
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