Local councils and their committees in the municipal system of European coun-tries

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Occupation: Leading Research Fellow of the Human Rights Department, Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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The article examines the role of local councils and their committees in the municipal system of European states. It’s argued that at present local councils function in slightly different conditions than they did a few decades ago. The traditional foundations of liberal representative democracy based on elections and political parties are being increasingly eroded and supplemented by the channels of citizens’ direct influence on development and implementation of politics. The forms of local councils’ activities as well as measures aimed at activation of municipal councils, the raising of citizens’ awareness about their performance, involvement of the population in solving local issues are analyzed.

Keywordslocal councils, municipal system, electoral campaigns, elections, political parties, standing committees, heads of local administration, representative democracy, the system of co-option, citizens’ participation
Publication date28.06.2021
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