The innovations of the Constitution of the Russian Federation: present and future. A reflection on faults… or results?

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Tyumen state University
Federal research center “The Tyumen scientific center of the Siberian branch of the Russian Acade-my of Sciences”
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The paper is an analytical overview focused on the amendments, which were included to the Constitution of the Russian Federation in 2020, in order to estimate their meaning and probable effects from the perspectives of the Philosophy of Law and ontological grounds of the Russian model of constitutionalism, as well as from the point of presently formed and actual social and political practices. Relying upon the different views and public eventful circumstances, author makes the conclusion that all the needed improvements of the contemporary Russian constitutionalism cannot be reached merely by revising the 1993 Russian Constitution, whatever revisions could be. Contrarily, the process of formation of value-enriched fundamentals of social transactions and the constitutionality of socio-political sphere are to be founded on the ground of moral basics of the Russian people which are able to become a source of achieving of the social solidarity, revival of a trust between people and government, maintain a firm basis for a complete implementation of the constitutional provisions and serve as a starting point for the whole legal modernization of Russia

Keywordsconstitutionalism, the Constitution, caretaking on people, arrangement of state, morality, human dignity, justice, bureaucratization, public authority, human rights
Publication date28.06.2021
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