Review of the All-Russian scientific and practical conference in the form of the “Round Table” of journals “State and Law” and “Legal culture” on the topic “Problems of interconnection and interaction of interaction”

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In March 2021, a scientific-practical conference in the form of a round table of the magazines "State and Law" and "Legal Culture" was held at the Volga Institute (branch) of the All-Russian State University of Justice (RPA of the Ministry of Justice of Russia). At the conference, the main reports were made by members of the grant team, who have been carrying out a project supported by the RFBR for the third year on the topic: "Legal responsibility in the legal system of Russia: the concept of interaction, interrelationships and elimination of contradictions with other elements of the legal system." The methodological and methodological search for scientific research assumed, during the first and second years, the identification of the regulatory and legal implementation aspects of the relationship, interaction and elimination of contradictions between legal responsibility and the legal system; government agencies; legal relations and implementation of the law. During the third year, the project participants focused their attention on the interaction and correlation of legal awareness and legal culture with legal responsibility. The key problems on which, in one aspect or another, all the project participants focused on, are, firstly, in the presence of significant contradictions between the doctrinal legal consciousness and the legal consciousness of law-making bodies, objectified in regulatory legal acts; secondly, in the distancing of the population from the state power, due, in turn, to such reasons as the presence of unnecessary requirements and responsibilities with their detailing, bureaucracy, total regulation of public relations, the consolidation of ideals alien to the general and legal culture of Russian society in certain legal norms , as well as formalism in ensuring human rights and freedoms; third, the response of citizens in the form of legal nihilism to the legal culture and legal consciousness of officials.

Keywordslegal responsibility, legal culture, legal nihilism, legal consciousness, positive legal responsibility, legal idealism, deformation of legal consciousness, civil servants, ordinary legal consciousness, professional legal consciousness
AcknowledgmentThe research was carried out with the financial support of the RFBR within the framework of the scientific project No. 19-011-00103 A "Legal responsibility in the legal system of Russia: the concept of interaction, interrelationships and elimination of contradictions with other elements of the legal system".
Publication date24.05.2021
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