Constitutional and legal foundations of the Russian economic system of the XX - beginning of the XXI century (To the question of constitutional reform in 2020)

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Affiliation: Moscow state Institute of international relations (U) Russian foreign Ministry
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This article is concerned with the analysis of the constitutional and legal foundations of the Russian economic system of the XX – beginning of the XXI century. There is a certain pattern according to which every new constitution in our country (soviet, bourgeois) reflected the essential changes in the forms of the property ownership, modes of production, distribution, exchange, consumption and social classes of the society. Reforms of the separate articles and not changes in principle in the 1993 Constitution in 2020 are reflecting this pattern and assuming the development of the constitutional and legal foundations of Russian economic system in Russia in current legislation and legal practice. The novelty of the research consists in understanding the objective laws that determine the development of the constitutional and legal foundations of the economic system of our country, the adoption or reform of domestic constitutions

KeywordsConstitution, legislation, legal framework, socio-economic system, socialism, capitalism, constitutional amendments
Publication date23.03.2021
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