Positive and negative responsibility as a manifestation of dialectic logic in legal studies

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Address: Russian Federation
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Affiliation: Saratov state Law Academy
Address: Russian Federation, Saratov
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The article is devoted to the study of two manifestations of legal responsibility in the form of its positive and negative beginnings. The authors investigate the role of dialectical logic in the formation of paired categories in the legal system. A number of requirements are set for the formation of new paired categories. For example, the "depoortere" shows a possible error when creating new legal categories. The article proves the connection between encouragement and punishment, in which legal responsibility reflects their unity and interaction. In the end, it is concluded that to conduct a more in-depth study, first of all, it is necessary to analyze the dialectical contradictions of the studied phenomenon, as well as to establish their main laws and determine the source of their development

Keywordslegal responsibility, promotion, punishment, dialectical logic, paired categories, measures of responsibility, contradiction, legal system, legal policy, demotion
Publication date05.02.2021
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