Cohabitation of men and women: problems of institutionalization in the context of traditional values

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Affiliation: Stoletovs Vladimir state University
Address: Russian Federation, Vladimir
Journal nameGosudarstvo i pravo
EditionIssue 12

The article discusses the features of legal regulation of the participation of cohabitants in civil, family and housing relations, analyzes the advantages of cohabitation in comparison with traditional marriage, as well as the disadvantages of this form of family relations.

The question of the possibility of institutionalization of cohabitation in the Russian legislation is investigated. It is argued that it is inadmissible both to legally equate extramarital cohabitation with a registered marriage, and to extend to cohabitants new, additional to existing, legal guarantees, as it contradicts traditional family values and public opinion of the majority of the population of Russia.

In order to protect the property rights of a child born to persons who are not married, the necessity of introducing into the family and civil law as an independent institution of the third type of common property (along with common joint and common shared property) – common united property. Proposals are made for the legal regulation of the peculiarities of ownership, use and disposal of property in common united property.

Keywordsmarriage, family, traditional values, family values, registration of marriage, konkubinat, registered partnership, shared property, shared ownership property
Publication date23.12.2019
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