Structure of the general theory of contract legal regulation

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Affiliation: Kazan (Volga) Federal University
Address: Russian Federation, Kazan
Journal nameGosudarstvo i pravo
EditionIssue 10

The structure of the general theory of contractual legal regulation based on the principles of a post-non-classical scientific methodology (multidimensionality of law, construction of legal reality, textuality, “human dimension”, etc.) is proposed. The following are distinguished as universal components of this theory: 1) fundamental categories, principles, laws, etc.; 2) an idealized object; 3) the logic of theory; 4) consequences of the main provisions of the theory; 5) value factors. It is concluded that the structure of the general theory of contractual legal regulation presented in this way will allow: a) to identify the essential and meaningful parameters of contractual regulatory activity as a complexly organized and self-developing systemic phenomenon of social and legal reality; b) apply the formulated scientific provisions not only in the fields of private and public law, but also outside the legal regulation of public relations; c) expand research horizons in understanding the activities of subjects of social interactions in the new system of value coordinates of modern technogenic civilizations.

Keywordscontractual legal regulation, general legal theory, structural elements of the theory, post-non-classical scientific methodology
Publication date02.12.2019
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