Issue 5

  • Volume: 483
  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Feynman Formulae for Solutions to Evolution Equations in Domains of Multidimensional Ramified Surfaces V. Dubravina Pages 481-485
On First Integrals of Linear Hamiltonian Systems A. Zheglov / D. Osipov Pages 486-488
On the Distribution of the Maximum k-Degree of the Binomial Random Graph Maxim Zhukovskii / I. Rodionov Pages 489-491
Approximation in the Problem of Level Crossing by a Compound Renewal Process Vsevolod K. Malinovskii Pages 492-495
Narrow Positively Graded Lie Algebras D. Millionshchikov Pages 496-498
Some Problems of the Teraherz Radiowaves Propagation in the Atmosphere Yu. Gulyaev / A. Moshkov / V. Pozhidayev / V. Cherepenin Pages 499-501
Amplification of the Signal of Raman Scattering by Carbon Nanotubes A. Eletskii / G. Fedorov / I. Ryzhikov / I. Kurochkin / M. Egin / I. Gaiduchenko / G. Bocharov / I. Boginskaya / A. Sarychev / A. Ivanov Pages 502-505
Highly Efficient Power Technological Complex for the Use of Natural Gas for Electricity, Heat, and Synthetic Fuels Production with Partial Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide Emissions into the Atmosphere V. Batenin / V. Maslennikov / V. Shterenberg / K. Gordin Pages 506-509
About Spectral Structure Management of Gas Pressure Pulsations Signals in Nozzles with Deflector N. Afonina / A. Khmelevsky / G. Smekhov / Vladimir Markov / I. Manuilovich / V. Gromov / V. Levin Pages 510-513
Synthesis and Structure of New Water-Soluble Ag(I) and Pb(II) Complexes with Sulfonyl Substituted Derivatives of the closo-Decarborate Anion E. Malinina / N. Kuznetsov / L. Goeva / S. Korolenko Pages 514-517
Physical chemistry
High-Temperature Heat Capacity of Y0,65Pr0,35BiGeO5 and Y0,65Nd0,35BiGeO5 in the Range 350–1000 K L. Denisova / V. Denisov / E. Golubeva / N. Galiakhmetova / N. Belousova / Yu. Kargin / A. Izotov Pages 518-521
Mechanisms of Inhomogeneous Polymer Weathering O. Startsev / I. Noev / A. Slavin / M. Lebedev Pages 522-527
Eocene Age of Granitoids of Okhotsk Granodiorite Complex (Southern Sakhalin) I. Alekxandrov / Yu. Stepnova / V. Ivin / V. Golozubov / Bor-Ming Jahn / Chia-Ping Liao Pages 528-532
Carboniferous 40Ar/39Ar Age of the Rare-Metal Enriched Rhyolites and Ignimbrites in the Sakmara Allochthon of the Southern Urals A. Ryazantsev / K. Degtyarev / A. Pilitsina / I. Novikov Pages 533-538
The Influence of Temperature and Humidity of Greenhouse Gas Emission in Experiments on Imitation of the Fuel Vegetation Cycle of the Tundra Ecosystems Yu. Barkhatov / A. Degermendzhi / A. Tikhomirov / S. Evgrafova / V. Shikhov / S. Ushakova Pages 539-541
Geochemical Features of High Differentiated Topaz-Bearing Granites of Salmi Batholith A. Konyshev / Yu. Shapovalov / V. Chevychelov Pages 542-546
Unique Surges of the Medvezhy Glacier (Pamirs) T. Khromova / A. Tiuflin / A. Kachalin / A. Muraviev / L. Chernova / V. Kotlyakov Pages 547-552
Intermediate Water in the Irminger Sea during Deep Convection: Role of the Circulation and Variability S. Gladyshev / A. Sokov / S. Gulev / L. Pautova / V. Gladyshev Pages 553-557
Seasonal Variability of Vertical Fluxes of a Dispersed Sedimentary Matter in the Black Sea Alexey Klyuvitkin / A. Lisitzin / I. Rusanov / O. Dara / M. Kravchishina Pages 558-563
Biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology
Comparison of the Functional Activity of Xanthine Oxidases, Isolated from Microorganisms and from Cow Milk B. Ivanov / A. Gorbunova / M. Borisova-Mubarakshina / I. Naydov / S. Osochuk Pages 564-567
Mathematical Modeling of Open State in DNA Molecule Depending on the Deuterium Concentration in the Surrounding Liquid Media at Different Values of Hydrogen Bond Disruption Energy S. Dzhimak / M. Baryshev / O. Lyasota / L. Fedulova / A. Svidlov / A. Basov / M. Drobotenko Pages 568-570
Ectopic Expression of the Homeotic MADS-Box Gene HAM31 (Helianthus annuus L.) in Transgenic Plants Nicotiana tabacum L. Affect the Gynoecium Identity A. Shchennikova / O. Sulga / K. Skryabin Pages 571-576
General biology
Discovery of the Trunk Coelomoduets in Hemichordata A. Lukinykh / V. Malakhov / A. Gebruk / S. Galkin / S. Krylenko / O. Ezhova Pages 577-579
First Report of the Presence of Gut-Associated Symbionts Eccrinida (Ichthyosporea, Protozoa) in Barents Sea’s King Crabs Pavlova L. Pages 580-583
New Interpretation of the Complex of Crodile Front Limbs Morphological Features as Adaptation to Parasaggital Position at Quadrupedal Locomotion on the Ground D. Pashchenko Pages 584-587

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