Issue 5

  • Volume: 482
  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
On non-uniqueness of probability solutions to the two-dimensional stationary Fokker—Planck—Kolmogorov equation Vladimir Bogachev / Stanislav Shaposhnikov / T. Krasovitskiy Pages 489-493
The Tricomi problem for a functionally-differential mixed-composite equation Aleksandr Zarubin Pages 494-499
The Green's function of a ordinary differential operators and integral representation the sums of certain power series Karakhan Mirzoyev / Tatiana Safonova Pages 500-503
Non-asymptotic estimates of the closeness of Gaussian measures on the balls Alexey Naumov / Vladimir Ulyanov / / Vladimir Spokoyniy Pages 504-507
On a method of approximate computing of scattering matrices for electromagnetic waveguides Boris Plamenevskiy / Alexandr Poretskiy / Oleg Sarafanov Pages 517-520
New cases of integrable systems with dissipation on the tangent bundles of multi-dimensional manifolds Pages 527-533
Poly(trialkoxysilyltricyclononenes): New Type of Polymers for Membrane Gas Separation Dmitry Alentiev / Evgeniy Finkelshteyn / Yuriy Yampolskiy / Lyudmila Starannikova / Maxim Bermeshev Pages 534-537
New Photochromic Spiropyrans with Ortho-Hydroxyaldimine Substituent Oxana Komissarova / Mikhail Korobov / Ilya Ozhogin / Irina Rostovtseva / Nadezhda Makarova / Mariya Lukianova / Boris Lukianov Pages 538-542
New data on the age of the tonalite-trondhjemite orthogneisses of the Olekminsky complex in the central part of the Chara-Olekma Geoblock of the Aldan Shield Sergey Velikoslavinskiy / Yuliya Plotkina / Irina Anisimova / Elena Tolmacheva / N. Popov / Viktor Kovach / Anton Kuznetsov / Ekaterina Salnikova / Alexandr Kotov Pages 547-552
Finds of «ancient» zircons in igneous rocks of the Shatak complex (Southern Urals) and their petrogenetic consequences. Sergey Kovalev / Sergey Kovalev / Sergey vysotsky / Viktor Puchkov Pages 553-557
First results of U-Pb La-ICP-MS-isotope dating of detrital zircons from Upper Riphean arkose sandstones of the Biryan member of the Upper Riphean Zilmerdak Formation, Southern Ural A. Maslov / Yuriy Erokhin / A. Gerdes / Yu. Ronkin / Kirill Ivanov Pages 558-561
About Global Metallogenic Zonality of the Pacific Ore Belt A. Sidorov / A. Volkov / Andrey Galyamov Pages 567-571
Middle-Late Paleozoic Doplaty Rifting Barents Sea Continental Margin and Its Role in the Formation of East-Barents Megabasin Eduard Shipilov / L. Lobkovsky / S. Shkarubo Pages 572-576
Age and sources of dunites of Kondyor massive (Aldan shield) Valeriy Savatenkov / Alexandr Mochalov Pages 577-582
Type IIa diamond formation Sergey Simakov Pages 583-586
Heat flow asymmetry of the Western-Indian Ridge Mikhail Khutorskoy / Elena Teveleva Pages 593-597
Action of Perspective Antitumor Phenolic Antioxidant Anphen Sodium on The BCL-2 Proteins Family. Elena Mil' / Vladimir Binyukov / Valeriy Yerokhin Pages 598-600
Synthesis of Protein E2, E6, and E7 of the “Early” Genes of Papillomavirus of Type 16 in the Plant Expression System Ryurik Salyayev / Alexey Stolbikov / Natalya Rekoslavskaya Pages 601-604
Differences in Postural Responses to the Approach and the Removal of Sound Images of People with Different Perceptual Style Irina Andreyeva / Yuriy Gerasimenko / Elena Bobrova / Alisa Gvozdeva Pages 610-613
Evaluation of the applicability of the comparator method for the species diagnosis of Unionidae (Bivalvia) by genetic analysis Viktor Bogatov / / Alexandra Anisimova / Tatiana Neretina Pages 614-617

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