Issue 4

  • Volume: 483
  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Modeling of Phase Transitions in Weakly Bound Molecular Clusters E. Belega / D. Trubnikov / A. Chulichkov Pages 359-362
Two-Dimensional (Two-Speed) Mode for a Nonstrictly Hyperbolic Problem V. Palin Pages 363-366
Types of Root Systems is Number Fields V. Popov / Yu. Zarkhin Pages 367-369
Application of the Variational Method for Solving Inverse Problems of Optimal Control V. Ternovsky / M. Khapaev / T. Khapaeva Pages 370-373
On Unordered Multiplicative Partitions G. Fedorov Pages 374-378
Laser Strengthening of the Steel Surface with Fullerene Coating G. Bocharov / A. Dedov / A. Eletskii / A. Zakharenkov / O. Zilova / A. Nukha / S. Fedorovich Pages 379-383
Impact of the Specific Water Discharge on the Suppression of Thermal Decomposition and Combustion of the Forest Fuels A. Rebrov / P. Strizhak / G. Kuznetsov Pages 384-388
Thermal Stability of Glass with Imitators of Chloride High Level Radioactive Wastes S. Yudintsev / A. Shiryayev Pages 389-392
Thee Terms Expansions of Coefficients of Kinetic Energy Near the Contact Point of Two Spheres Moving in Ideal Fluids Sh. Sandulyanu / A. Petrov Pages 393-397
Diastereoselective Acylation of Recemic Heterocyclic Amines with N-Phthaloyl- and N-Naphthaloyl-(S)-Amino Aclyl Clorides . Possibility of Parallel Kinetic Resolution D. Gruzdev / G. Levit / E. Chulakov / L. Sadretdinova / V. Krasnov / Valery Charushin Pages 398-402
Features of Kinetics Sintering of Hydroxyapatite Powders with Different Dispersion N. Petrakova / V. Bakunov / S. Barinov / D. Titov Pages 403-406
Plasma Spheroidization of Micropowders of the Heat-Resistant Alloys Based on Nickel Monoaluminide I. Tsvetkov / A. Samokhin / N. Alekseyev / A. Fadeyev / M. Sinayskiy / E. Levashov / Yu. Kaplanskiy Pages 407-412
Polychronous Locality of Megafauna on the Northwest Coast of lake Baikal N. Kalmykov / R. Budayev Pages 413-416
A new Paleomagnetic Pole for the Silurian Geological Strata of Tuva D. Kovalenko / Konstantin Lobanov Pages 417-420
High-Pressure Fault Tectonites of the Yenisei Ridge as Result of Ductile Shear Deformations in the Suture Zone I. Likhanov / P. Kozlov / Kirill Ivanov / S. Zinov'ev Pages 421-425
The First Data on the Isotopic age of Zircons from Rocks of Roseta Ultramafic Massif, Southern Framing of Craton San Francisco (Brazil) F. Lesnov / M. Pinkheyro / S. Sergeev Pages 426-430
Carbon Isotope Characteristics as Indicator of the External Source of High-Temperature Granitoids in Granulite Complexes O. Safonov / V. Reutskiy / V. Shcherbakov / M. Golunova / D. Varlamov / V. Yapaskurt / D. van Reenen Pages 431-434
The Anomalous Record High Internal wave train on the Black Sea Shelf Generated by an Atmospheric front V. Bondur / A. Serebryanyi / V. Zamshin Pages 435-439
Structure and Variability of Meridional Overturning Circulation in the North Atlantic Subpolar Gyre in 2007–2017 S. Gladyshev / V. Gladyshev / S. Gulev / A. Sokov Pages 440-443
Lack of Water and Function of Ground Flow during Don Avan-Delta Salinization G.G. Matishov, K.S.Grigorenko G. Matishov / K. Grigorenko Pages 444-448
Region of the Northern Pole-First Data about the Sedimentosystem: Snow – Drifting Ice – Under the Ice Water A. Novigatskiy / A. Lisitsyn Pages 449-453
Effect of Dinitrosyl Iron Complexes (NO Donors) on the Metabolic Processes of Human Fibroblasts A. Gizatullin / N. Akent'eva / N. Sanina / N. Shmatko / N. Goryachev / N. Shkondina / T. Prikhodchenko / N. Zhelev / Sergey Aldoshin Pages 454-458
Spermin Induces Autophagy in Plants: Possible Role of no and Reactive Oxygen Species F. Minibayeva / S. Dmitriyeva / A. Ponomareva / O. Gurianov / A. Mazina / V. Andrianov / V. Iyudin Pages 459-461
Neonatal Lethality and Inflammatory Phenotype of New Transgenic Mice with Overexpression of Human Interleukin-6 in Myeloid Cells R. Zvartsev / M. Drutskaya / D. Korshunova / E. Gorshkova / M. Nosenko / K. Korneyev / O. Maximenko / I. Korobko / Dmitry Kuprash / S. Nedospasov / A. Deykin Pages 462-465
Diversification of the Homeotic AP3 Clade MADS-Box genes in Asteraceae Species Chrysanthemum morifolium L. and Helianthus annuus L. A. Shchennikova / O. Shulga / K. Skryabin Pages 466-471

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