Issue 4

  • Volume: 481
  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Polynomial Computability of Fields of Algebraic Numbers P. Alaev / V. Selivanov Pages 355-357
Fejer Sums for Periodical Measures A. Kachurovskii / I. Podvigin Pages 358-361
The Numerical Scheme without Saturation for Periodic Functions A. Petrov Pages 362-366
General Imbedding Theorem M. Ramazanov Pages 367-370
Metastable States of Heated, Dense Hydrogen G. Norman / R. Sartan / I. Saitov Pages 371-374
Technical Physics
3D Filtering in Images Corrupted by Mixed Additive-Impulsive Noise V. Kravchenko / V. Ponomarev / V. Pustovoit Pages 375-380
Guaranteeing Anticipating Control in a Shock Isolation Problem N. Bolotnik / V. Korneev Pages 381-385
Termal and Magnetic Properties of Maghemite γ-Fe2O3 Synthesized by a Precursor Method V. Krasil’nikov / O. Gyrdasova / A. Tyutyunnik / T. Diachkova / I. Baklanova / V. Marchenkov / A. Domozhirova / V. Bamburov Pages 386-390
Chemical Technology
The Lithium Influence on the Structure and Phase Composition Formation During the Hydroxiapatite Synthesis V. Smirnov / S. Smirnov / A. Krylov / O. Antonova / M. Goldberg / T. Obolkina / A. Konovalov / A. Leonov / S. Barinov Pages 391-394
Physical chemistry
Rocket Engine with Continuous Film Detonation of Liquid Fuel S. Frolov / I. Shamshin / V. Aksenov / I. Sadykov / P. Gusev / V. Zelenskii / E. Evstratov / M. Alymov Pages 395-399
Comendite Melts of the Sant Early Mesozoic Bimodal Magmatic Association (Central Mongolia) and Mechanisms of their Formation I. Andreeva / S. Borisovskiy / V. Yarmolyuk Pages 400-406
First Data on Gothenburg and Mono Lake Excursions in Paleomagnetic Records from Bottom Sediments of Transbaikal Lakes (Exemplified by Baunt Lake) M. Krainov / E. Bezrukova / A. Shchetnikov / E. Kerber Pages 407-409
Reef Formation During Extinction Events: the Border Frasnian - Famennian and Devonian - Carboniferous V. Kuznetsov / L. Zhuravleva Pages 410-413
Modern Bottom Sediments of Lake Onega: Structure, Mineralogical Composition and Systematization of Rare-Earth Elements Vera Strakhovenko / Dmitry Subetto / Ekaterina Ovdina / Natalia Belkina / Natalia Efremenko / Andrei Maslov Pages 414-417
Geochronology of Detrital Zircons of the Albian Sandstones of the Silasinsky and Kemsky Suites of the Sikhote-Alinsky Orogen: Geodynamic Consequences Alexey Didenko / S. Otoh / V. Golozubov / M. Arkhipov / A. Kudymov / A. Peskov / M. Nagata / K. Yamamoto Pages 418-421
The Composition of Hydrocarbons in Synthetic Diamonds Grown in the System Fe-Ni-C (According to Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) A. Tomilenko / T. Bul’bak / A. Chepurov / V. Sonin / E. Zhimulev / N. Pokhilenko Pages 422-425
Low Titanium Lamproites of the Ashberry Massif (Aldan Shield): Crystallization Conditions and Lithospheric Source I. Chaika / A. Izokh / A. Sobolev / V. Batanova Pages 426-429
On Zones of Possible Increased Seismic Activity on Mars T. Gudkova / A. Batov / V. Zharkov Pages 430-433
Determination of P-T Conditions That Accompanied Seismogenic Slip Along a Deep Segment of the Marginal Suture of the Siberian Craton Vilery Ruzhich / Gevorg Kocharyan / Alexey Trаvin / Valentina Savel’eva / Alexey Ostapchuk / Sergey Rasskazov / Tatyana Yasnygina / Denis Yudin Pages 434-437
On the Issue of Taking into Account the Influence of the Relief in the Method of Microseismic Sounding Alexey Sobisevich / Ruslan Zhostkov Pages 438-441
Structure and Long-Term Variability of the Bottom Layer in the Irminger Sea S. Gladyshev / V. Gladyshev / L. Pautova / S. Gulev / N. Politova / A. Sokov Pages 442-446
Biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology
Heterogeneity of Expression of the Master Regulator of Embryonic Development SOX9 in Patients with Pancreatic Cancer L. Kondratieva / I. Tchernov / M. Zinovieva / V. Egorov / E. Kopantsev / E. Sverdlov Pages 447-450
Low-Molecular Participants of Luminescent Reaction of the Siberian Enchytraeid Henlea sp. V. Petushkov / N. Rodionova Pages 451-454
Estimation of Individual Risk Factors in Alcohol Preference Forming in Rats A. Egorov / I. Demianko / E. Filatova Pages 455-458
Weak Static Magnetic Field Impact on the Development of Rat Organotypic Cultured Tissue P. Ivanova / S. Surma / B. Shchegolev / N. Chalisova / E. Nikitina / G. Zakharov / A. Nozdrachev Pages 459-461

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