Issue 3

  • Volume: 483
  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Generalized Maximum Principle in Optimal Control E. Avakov / G. Magaril-Ilyayev Pages 243-246
The Uniqueness of the Solution for the First Initial-Boundary Value Problem for Parabolic Systems on the Plane in the Model Case E. Baderko / M. Cherepova Pages 247-249
Axiomatization of Provable N-Provability E. Kolmakov / L. Beklemishev Pages 250-253
On the Collapse of Solutions of the Cauchy Problem for a Single Nonlinear Schrödinger Evolution Equation Sh. Nasibov Pages 254-256
Arithmetic Properties of Generalized Hypergeometric F-Series V. Chirskiy Pages 257-259
Artificial Dissipation Coefficients in Regularized Supersonic Aerodynamic Equations / T. Elizarova Pages 260-264
Theoretical Argumentation of the New Method of Electro-Acoustic Conversion. Linear Approximation Boris Sharfarets / V. Kurochkin / V. Sergeyev / Yu. Gulyayev Pages 265-268
On Relationship of Parameters in the Processes of Destruction, Implemented at Various Scale Levels N. Mikhaylova / G. Volkov / Yu. Petrov / I. Smirnov / P. Onawumi / A. Roy / V. Silberschmidt Pages 269-271
Explosive Decomposition of Droplets of Emulsions Based on Water and Oil Products under Conditions of High-Temperature Purification of Liquids P. Strizhak / V. Nakoryakov / R. Volkov / G. Kuznetsov Pages 272-277
Synthesis and Testing of Abscisic Acid with Predominant Substitution of Proton Atoms for Tritium Atoms in the Cyclohexene Part of The Molecule I. Nagaev / V. Shevchenko / / K. Shevchenko / A. Belimov / S. Batasheva / N. Gogoleva / Yu. Gogolev / N. Myasoyedov Pages 278-281
High-Temperature Solid-Phase Interaction of Hydroxyapatite with Nitrates of Mg, Sr, Zn N. Petrakova / A. Ashmarin / / A. Fedotov / S. Barinov / / V. Komlev Pages 282-285
Cellulose Nitrates from Non-Traditional Raw Materials V. Budayeva / G. Sakovich / Yu. Mikhailov / A. Korchagina / Yu. Gismatullina / N. Kozyrev Pages 286-290
Importance of Preservation of Sedimentary Waters in the Neopleistocene Aquifer of the Northern Caspian for Development of the Caspian Sedimentary Basin O. Golovanova Pages 291-295
The Law of Formation of the Natural Stress State of the Earth's Crust Pages 296-298
Features of the Generation of Hydrocarbons at Great Depths of the Earth's Crust A. Osipov / V. Kerimov / R. Mustayev Pages 299-303
The First Data on the Quantitative Assessment of the Parameters of the Vendian Metamorphism in the Eastern Part of the Bashkir Meganticlinorium S. Kovalev / Viktor Puchkov / Sergey Kovalev / Sergey vysotsky Pages 304-308
Structure and Age-Based Conglomerates Based On the First Results of U-Pb-Dating Of Detritic Zircons in the Mountains of South Demerdzhi (Upper Crust, Mountain Crimea) T. Romanyuk / Ekaterina Belousova / N. Kuznetsov / S. Rud'ko Pages 309-312
Geochemical Evolution and Ore-Bearing Metasomatites of the Bag-Gazryn Multiphase Array of Rare-Metal Li-F-Granites (Mongolia) V. Antipin / M. Kuzmin / D. Odgerel / L. Kushch / A. Perepelov Pages 313-317
The Genesis of Diamond in Metal-Carbon and Metal-Gray-Carbon Melts (According to Experimental Data) E. Zhimulyov / A. Chepurov / N. Sobolev Pages 318-319
Geochemical Restrictions on the Gross Composition of the Moon E. Kronrod / V. Kronrod / O. Kuskov / Yu. Nefedyev Pages 320-325
Melting of Submarine Permafrost Sediments as a Factor in Changing of Their Elemental Composition A. Ulyantsev / N. Polyakova / Svetlana Bratskaya / Evgeniy Romankevich Pages 326-330
Zonality of Rare-Earth Mineralization in the Udzhinsky Region, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) E. Erlich Pages 331-332
The Effect of the Number of Conjugated Double Bonds in Carotenoid Molecules on the Efficiency of Energy Transfer to Bacteriochlorophyll in LH2 Light-Harvesting Complexes from Allochromatium Vinosum, MSU Strain A. Ashikhmin / Z. Makhneva / M. Bolshakov / A. Moskalenko Pages 333-337
Antitumor Efficacy of a Complex Based on a Binary System of Vectors for the Co-Expression of the Killer Gene FCUl and Cre-Recombinase O. Bezborodova / I. Alexeenko / E. Nemtsova / A. Pankratov / O. Filyukova / / M. Kostina / V. Potapov / E. Sverdlov Pages 338-341
The Transformation of Tomato Allene Oxidase Synthase LeAOS3 into an Epoxialcohol Synthase as a Result of Site-Specific Mutagenesis S. Gorina / E. Smirnova / L. Mukhtarova / Ya. Toporkova / A. Grechkin Pages 342-345
Adaptation of Rodents to Habitats in the Highlands: Combination of Mitochondrial Introgression and Convergent Molecular Evolution D. Kostin / L. Lavrenchenko Pages 346-349

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