Issue 3

  • Volume: 482
  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The genetic code numerical characteristics for the overlapping genes possibility Nikolay Kozlov / Evgeniy Kugushev / Timur Eneyev Pages 245-249
Superhigh-Speed Iterative Solvers of Linear Matrix Evgeniy Mikrin / Nikolay Zubov / Dmitry Efanov / Vladimir Ryabchenko Pages 250-253
Optimization of the Randomized Monte Carlo Algorithms for Solving of Problems with Random Parameters Gennadiy Mikhailov Pages 254-258
Mathematical Models for Calculation of the Development Dynamics in the Era of Digital Economy Askar Akayev / Victor Sadovnichy Pages 259-265
Holistic Theory of Economic Equilibrium: the Modified Cassel-Wald Model Vladimir Gorbunov Pages 266-269
The Spatial Task of the Aerophysics of a Super-Orbital Space Vahicle at Large Altitude Sergey Surzhikov Pages 270-274
About extremum of the influence of low-inertia particles on the turbulence energy of the carrier gas Alexey Varaxin / Maxim Orlov Pages 275-278
Variational Formulation of the Inverse Problems of Forecasting of Residual Life of Composites Evgeniy Gusev / V. Bakulin Pages 279-284
Finite strain elastic-plastic torsion of incompressible circular cylinder Georgiy Sevastianov / Anatoliy Burenin Pages 285-287
Triindolyl Macrocycle as Molecular Platform in Synthesis of Sumanene-Containing Polyphenols Alexandr Vayner / Kirill Dyumayev / Anna Kovalenoko / Natalia Barannik / Sarra Zelenetskaya / Klara Zelikson / Sergey Kotov Pages 288-291
Structure and fluxional behavior of phenylmercury derivatives of N,N’-diarylform(benz)amidines Galina Dushenko / Igor Mikhaylov / Olga Mikhaylova / Ruslan Minyayev / Vladimir Minkin Pages 292-296
Bis[1,3]Thiazolo[4,5-f:5’,4’-h]Thieno[3,4-b]Quinoxaline Derivatives — New Building Blocks for Organic Electronics S. Kuklin / I. Konstantinov / A. Peregudov / I. Ostapov / E. Makhayeva / A. Khokhlov / Mukhamed Keshtov Pages 297-301
Global climatic change and temperature regime of Mesozoic marine environment from the North-Eastern Asia V. Vishnevskaya / N. Filatova Pages 302-306
The Precambrian of the West Siberian Plate: Problem and Solution Kirill Ivanov / Viktor Koroteev / Yuriy Erokhin / Vladimir Ponomarev Pages 307-310
Vendian Suprasubduction Zone Magmatism in the Southern Urals Alexey Ryazantsev Pages 311-314
About the Nature of Global Warming Decrease at the Beginning of 21st Century Evgeniy Volodin / A. Gritsun Pages 315-318
Emulsion formation mechanism during immiscible fluids flow in geological materials V. Fedodeyev Pages 319-322
The Lomonosov Equatorial Undercurrent Based on the Measurements Using the Shipborne Acoustic Profiler in 2014-2017 Tatiana Demidova / Evgeniy Morozov / Viktor Neyman Pages 323-326
Impact of vertical shift of current velocity on propagation of contaminated water from an underwater outfall in stratified environment Vitaly Ivanov / Vladimir Fomin / Anton Polozok Pages 327-331
On Countourites in Derbent Basin, Caspian Sea (Geophysical Data) O. Levchenko / V. Putans / D. Borisov Pages 332-335
Some Results of Oceanological Videomonitoring V. Fishchenko / Grigorii Dolgikh / P. Zimin / A. Subote Pages 336-339
Estrogen receptors alpha and beta in ovarian cancer: expression level and prognosis Tatiana Bogush / Anna Basharina / Elena Bogush / Olga Ryabinina / Alexandra Tyulyandina / Sergey Tyulyandin Pages 340-342
Azelaic Acid Induced Enzymes of Phenolic Defense in Pea Roots Alevtina Egorova / Igor Tarchevskiy Pages 343-345
THE ROLE OF GC-RICH SEQUENCES FROM THE PROMOTOR REGION OF THE Drosophila melanogaster yellow GENE IN THE ENHANCER-DEPENDENT ACTIVATION OF TRANSSCRIPTION Margarita Kostyuchenko / Anton Golovnin / Pavel Georgiev / Larisa Melnikova Pages 346-350
Results of Stable (Martes zibellina) Reintroductions Conforms Founder Effect Vladimir Monakhov Pages 351-354
The Amount of Heavy Isotope of Nitrogen (15N) Increases in Plants near the Large Copper Smelter Olga Chashchina / Alexandr Chibilyov / Denis Veselkin / Nadezhda Kuyantseva / A. Mumber Pages 355-358

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