“Ontologization of Consciousness” in N.A. Berdyaev's Philosophy

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Affiliation: National Research University Higher School of Economics
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Journal nameChelovek
EditionVolume 31 Issue №1

The relevance of investigated problem due to the emergence of the prerequisites in the modern discourse for the elimination of the "I-subject" from the life world. The presence of "I-subject" as the bearer of free will is questioned. The answer to this challenge may be a justification for the existence of the "I-entity". It shows the possibility of "ontologization of consciousness" based on the example of N.A. Berdyaev’s philosophy, that is, gaining awareness of their authentic self, the becoming of existence "I-entity" that preserves the freedom of the will. Various ways of the «ontologization of consciousness» are considered: through “trancendential reduction”, culture, creativity and spiritual life. It’s concluded that it’s impossibly to «ontologize consciousness» through “trancendential reduction” and culture. The possibility of partial «ontologization» through creativity is allowed. «Ontologization of consciousness» is achieved in the spiritual life. The catalyst of which is the existential experience of loneliness and despair.The article may be useful in research in the field of Russian religious, existential philosophy and ontology of consciousness.

KeywordsHusserl, N.A. Berdyaev, "ontology of consciousness", "transcendental reduction," culture, creativity, freedom
Publication date30.03.2020
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