China: agricultural modernization strategy

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The XX Congress of the CPC, calling the agrarian sphere of the country, its lag, the most difficult link of the entire program of socialist modernization of China, set the task “tо accelerate creation of a strong agriculture” (nungye qiang guo), i.e. a strong agrarian power, in order to overcome the lag of the agrarian sphere as soon as possible, to create the most favorable conditions for the revival of the village, and for the cause of the entire socialist modernization of the country.

The article deals with the task of building the “nungye qiang guo” set by the XX Congress of the CPC, the process of forming a strategy for its creation and the corresponding new course of modernization of agriculture, taking into account Chinese specifics.

KeywordsChina, revival of the village, “nungye qiang guo” (strong agrarian power), modernization, competitiveness, labor productivity, food supply sufficiency, scientific and technical innovations, sustainability
Publication date22.11.2023
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