Africa in the context of changes on the World energy market

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The article examines the prospects of African countries in the global energy market in the face of increasing turbulence of world processes. The multifactorial change in energy demand in African countries, as well as the possibilities and limits of their self-sufficiency, is emphasized.

The modern renaissance of Africa is connected not only with the successes in the socio-economic transformation, rather high rates of economic growth, but also with the increasing importance of African countries in the world market of resources, including energy. Globalization has given new impetus to the development of world energy. Traditional resource bases are being depleted. South Africa, Libya, Angola, South Sudan, Nigeria, Egypt and others have a significant reserve of energy resources, both traditional and alternative. Africa can also be seen as an important transit area, the use of which can significantly increase foreign exchange earnings to national budgets.

The energy of modern Africa is considered in the article, both domestically and externally, and highlights the role of the energy factor in addressing the current challenges of African development. It is emphasized that these objectives vary according to the natural and climatic conditions of individual regions and specific States of Africa, and above all on their availability of energy resources, as well as on the ability to access them and rationally dispose of them. The purpose of the article is to show the possibilities of effective use of the energy factor to solve the problems of Africa’s socio-economic development.

The author concludes that Africa’s energy importance in the 21st century will increase in the system of international relations, the most energy-rich countries will be able to strengthen their influence on world energy policy in the near future. At the same time, domestic energy needs in the African continent will also increase. This is required by the logic of Africa’s development, backed by real possibilities.

KeywordsAfrica, world energy, energy, energy policy
Publication date28.09.2020
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