Brazilian assistance to East Timor’s development

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The article deals with Brazilian development assistance policy, with its largest spending on peacekeeping operations, humanitarian assistance and technical cooperation. Brazil, within the framework of the concept of «partnership for development», provides comprehensive assistance to the countries of Latin America and Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) develops the assistance strategy, conducts coordination of the activities of governmental structures in the implementation of projects. Brazil supported the liberation struggle of East Timor’s people, who, after the collapse of the Portuguese colonial empire and the resistance against the Indonesian occupation, sought to gain independence. Brazil took part in all peacekeeping operations on the territory of East Timor and, after declaring its independence in 2002, began providing comprehensive assistance to the young country. All projects are divided into 10 areas: training, justice, national security, culture, agriculture, education, government, sports, the environment and healthcare. Portuguese language became the basis for the formation of national identity, and the establishment of the statehood of East Timor. Brazil pays paramount attention to language training, the preparation  of  didactic  materials,  the  teachers,  the  development  of  a  document  management  system  and  archiving,  computer technology, the work of state system and justice. Brazil also attracts international organizations to the economical help to East Timor.

The important geo-strategic position of East Timor, significant reserves of oil and other minerals make this country attractive for the trade cooperation, for the Brazilian business, which is already active in neighboring Indonesia.

KeywordsBrazil, development, technical assistance, peacekeeping, East Timor, education, agriculture, Portuguese
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