Crisis in the Arabic world and the political Islam

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Journal nameAsia and Africa Today
EditionIssue 6

This article provides a global overview of the System crisis in the Arabic World, which was manifested with the protest movements of the Arabic Spring, the crashes of the ruler regimes in some Arabic countries, the increasing of the movements of the political Islam, including their radical currents and the appearing of the armed conflicts in the Arabic World. The role and political goals of the outside actors in these conflicts were revealed. The causes of the support of the part of Moslems for the movements of the Political Islam and the methods of the Islamist propaganda were examined. The conceptions of the Islamist Ideology and the doctrine of the Islamic State were analyzed. The influence of the world financial and economical crisis and the turning for the worse the social and economical problems in leading Western countries on the negative tendencies in the Arab-Moslem world is analyzed. The paper clears up the increasing of the Islamist ideology in the Moslem communities in the European Union and reinforcement of the radical Islamism. The analysis was focused on the examining of the social and economical crisis in the Arab World in the period of the Arabic Spring and in the recent period in the years of 2018-2020 as a part of the global crisis tendencies, among them in the Western countries and the Islamic project, which Islamist movements move as an alternative for the Western model of the social and economical development and Ideology of the liberalism.

KeywordsArabic world, crisis, political Islam, conflict, Islamic project
Publication date27.06.2020
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