Mauritius: africa’s business and financial centre

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Occupation: Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Transition Economy Studies, Institute for African Studies RAS
Affiliation: Institute for African Studies RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Occupation: Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Transition Economy Studies, Institute for African Studies RAS
Affiliation: Institute for African Studies RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Journal nameAsia and Africa Today
EditionIssue 4

The article considers modernization and diversification of Mauritius’ economy due to structural reforms realization and creation of legislative and institutional framework aimed at attracting foreign capital. The Republic has a great potential to be a trade, investment and financial platform for the African continent, which is based on its conducive business environment, political stability, skilled bilingual workforce, developed transport logistics, geographical position providing access to Asian and African markets. The government of the country pays much attention to the cooperation between the state, private business and civil society. In economic strategy besides the financial sphere, priorities are given to the development of the ocean economy, tourism, construction, renewable energy, agroand biotechnology. Mauritius takes part in different projects in Africa’s countries providing technology and investment transfer from India, China, Japan. It also shows interest in the development of economic links with Russia, which are discussed at the annual economic forums.

The authors underline the government’s position in the digital economy promotion, scientific and technological potential development and talent management provision to avoid brain drain. Mauritius has emerged as an Africa’s leader in ICTs thanks to the country’s favorable international rankings. The digital economy over the past 15 years has gone to position of one of the economy pillars. The Digital Mauritius 2030 Strategic Plan aims to transform the country into a high income and inclusive economy. The Plan has emphasized on 5 strategic ways: ICT infrastructure and Broadcasting, E-Government and Business Facilitation, Talent Management, Cybersecurity, Innovation and Emerging Technologies.

KeywordsMauritius, doing business conditions, investment, economic sectors, digjital economy, management
Publication date29.05.2020
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