Piracy. More or Less?

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Occupation: Research Fellow, Institute for African Studies RAS
Affiliation: Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Journal nameAsia and Africa Today
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The paper analyzes piracy in the Indian and Atlantic oceans. Emphasis is placed on the situation in the Gulf of Guinea, because of the seizure of Russian sailors in January 2019. Armed men boarded the ship “MSC Mandy” and took the captain and 5 crew members hostage. All of them are citizens Russia. They were released after a month of captivity.

Maritime piracy has a long history, but the last decade has turned into a well-organized criminal business, which is the problem for shipping and for sailors. Spots of piracy appear and disappear in various regions of the world. Modern criminals are not only interested in primitive robberies that their predecessors hunted for, they also attack ships to take hostages and valuable cargo. Moreover, pirates are usually good aware of their potential “victim” and well armed.

It is believed that the world economy bears the following types of losses from piracy: directly from the seizure of ships; from changing the routes of vessels; the cost of providing additional security for ships; from the increased cost of insurance; the cost of the naval forces present in the region; security criminal prosecution of pirates.

Piracy and fear of piracy is a huge problem. People who survived piracy attacks or abduction cannot forget the violence and horror that they had to endure, and it has a devastating effect on both them and their families. What should the world community do to improve the safety of sailors?

Keywordspirates, security, Africa, Russia, insurance
Publication date31.10.2019
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