Word about Youth of Africa (about the International Conference «Youth in the Socio-Political and Cultural Life of Africa”)

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Affiliation: Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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Journal nameAsia and Africa Today
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The Institute of Africa hosted an international conference on youth issues in the socio-political and cultural life of Africa. The main topics of discussion were the problems of demographic growth, poverty, unemployment, education and forced migration, which primarily affect the younger generation of the continent. Many African countries are becoming concern about the critically situation of the increase population of the youths, unemployment, crime and how it affect the nation at last, non the less this issue is unique to third world countries. In the case of Africa, nations are not rapidly evolving enough to equal the population growth of the youth, this major problem pave way to other arising problem. In logical terms a country with high population rate of energetic youth should be more productive economically, financially, infrastructure and agriculture wise. It was noted in the reports and during the discussion that young people make up the largest share of the population in most African countries, so the States of the African continent and society should create the necessary conditions for the self-realization of young people and their active inclusion in the socio-political processes, the interaction of youth organizations, authorities and all interested structures, involving in this process all young people, without exception, who are not indifferent to their future. Economic growth in Africa needs to be inclusive and empowered for youths through better planning, progressive economic planning and policies, effective research institutes and coordination. Even with all this African youths need to be constantly active and continues to push for change and improvement of polies on the continent of Africa though the power of innovations, ideas and activism.

KeywordsAfrica, youth, poverty, education, employment, migration, demography, «soft power», students, family, childhood
Publication date07.08.2019
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