Issue 11

  • Issue number: 11

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Problems of Optimization and Simulation at Control of Development of Large-Scale Systems
Intelligent Analysis of Quasiperiodic Bioosignals in Medical Diagnostic Problems (with the Example of a Pulse Signal) A. Desova / V. Guchuk / I. Pokrovskaya / A. Dorofeyuk Pages 3-15
Modeling of the Development of a Group of Gas Deposits While Accounting for Their Liquidation V. Khachaturov / A. Solomatin / A. Skiba Pages 16-31
Linear Systems
Upper Bounds on Peaks in Discrete-Time Linear Systems V. Ahiyevichh / S. Parsegov / P. Shcherbakov Pages 32-46
Sufficient Conditions for Stability of Periodic Linear Impulsive Delay Systems V. Slyn’ko / Cemil Tun¸ Pages 47-66
Control in Technical Systems
A Hybrid Control System for an Unstable Non-Stationary Plant with a Predictive Model Yu. Mitrishkin / Pages 67-81
Solution of Boundary Problems with Regard for Inherent Error on the Basis of the Lagrange Method S. Nekrasov Pages 82-98
Bilateral Estimates of the Effectiveness Retention Ratio of the Systems with Output Effect Depending on the Number of Executive Elements V. Netes Pages 99-105
Entropy Dimension Reduction Method for Randomized Machine Learning Problems Yu. Popkov / Yu. Dubnov / A. Popkov Pages 106-122
Comparative Efficiency of Altruism and Egoism as Voting Strategies in Stochastic Environment P. Chebotarev / V. Afonkin / Z. Lezina / A. Loginov / Ya. Tsodikova / V. Malyshev Pages 123-149
Optimization, System Analysis, and Operations Research
Semidefinite Relaxation and New Conditions for Sign-Definiteness of the Quadratic Form under Quadratic Constraints L. Rapoport Pages 150-158

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