Youth Emigration from Russia: Scale, Channels, Consequences

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Affiliation: MGIMO
Address: Russian Federation
Affiliation: MGIMO
Address: Russian Federation
Affiliation: Institute of Social and Political Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: Russian Federation
Affiliation: MGIMO
Address: Russian Federation
Occupation: Head of the Department of Demographic and Migration Policy, MGIMO University, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Director of the Institute for Socio-Political Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Institute for Socio-Political Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences
MGIMO University, Ministry o f Foreign Affairs of Russia
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Journal nameSotsiologicheskie issledovaniya
EditionIssue 11

In article tendencies of emigration of the Russian youth in the 1990–2010th are considered. On the basis of statistical and sociological methods of research channels of traveling abroad and also the prospects of homecoming are discussed. The characteristic of three channels of emigration of young Russians is given: emigration on the permanent basis and educational and labor emigration. Transformation of temporary forms of emigration in migration for the permanent residence is shown. Estimates of number of the young people who have left Russia are given, their contribution to demographic losses of the country is estimated. Indirect measures of state policy for involvement of youth in economy of Russia are proposed.

Keywordsyouth, temporary labor emigration, educational emigration, emigration for the permanent residence
AcknowledgmentThe article was prepared with the financial support of the Russian Science Foundation (grant No. 16-18-10435).
Publication date12.12.2018
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